Thursday, June 27, 2013

Record #0395: Lola / Mindless Child of Motherhood – THE KINKS

Reprise 0930 (original) USA, Jul. 28, 1970
Words & Music bySide A – Ray Davies; Side B – Dave Davies
Musicians: Ray Davies (lead vocals on side A, guitar, resonator guitar (National Steel), backing vocals), Dave Davies (lead guitar, lead vocals on side B, backing vocals), Mick Avory (drums, percussion), John Dalton (bass, backing vocals), John Gosling (keyboards)
Recording sessions: Produced by Ray Davies, Side A - at Morgan Studios, London, UK, Apr.-May 1970; Side B - at Pye Studios, London, UK, May 1969
Highest chart positions:  US #9, UK #2, Netherlands #1, Ireland #1, Italy #1

According to Dave Davies, he came up with the music for "Lola" and Ray wrote the lyrics. All the credit went to Ray, though.

This single brought The Kinks their first Top 10 hit in the UK since 1967 ("Autumn Almanac", UK #3) and in the US since 1965 ("Tired of Waiting For You", US #6).

List price:  Very Good+ is $5, Near Mint is $10

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