Saturday, November 30, 2013

Record #0520: Lou Be Doo / Love Charms – SANFORD CLARK

Dot 15585 (original) USA, May 8, 1957
Words & Music bySide AGeorge Motola, John Marascalco, Lester Sill; Side B – Ray Stanley
Musicians: Sanford Clark (vocals), Al Casey (lead guitar), Duane Eddy (rhythm guitar), others unknown
Recording sessions: Produced by Lee Hazlewood in Hollywood, CA, Apr. 1957
Highest chart positions:  none

Clark had his only entries in the national charts in 1956 with "The Fool" and "A Cheat" (US #74). Supported by a great producer and very solid musicians, he had a great opportunity to make it big, but things just didn't go that way.

Ray Stanley also wrote the song "Glendora" in 1956.

List price:  Very Good+ is $12.50, Near Mint is $25

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Record #0519: Teenage Boogie / I'm Really Glad You Hurt Me – WEBB PIERCE

Decca 9-30045 (original) USA, Sep. 1956
Words & Music bySide AWebb Pierce; Side B – Pierce
Musicians: Webb Pierce (vocals), Hank Garland (guitar), Harold Bradley (guitar), Sonny Burnette (steel guitar), Lightnin' Chance (bass), Dale Potter (fiddle), Tommy Jackson (fiddle), Jack Kay (fiddle), Buddy Harman (drums)
Recording sessions: Owen Bradley Studio, Nashville, TN, Aug. 12, 1956
Highest chart positions:  US Country #10 (both sides)

As Elvis was becoming a huge star, many country artists also tuned their style towards rockabilly; some more, some less. Pierce was in the latter group. He released a couple of singles where he tried the new style out, and this was one of them. While "Teenage Boogie" still sounds a lot like western swing, I guess it can be categorized as rockabilly already.

The song was covered by quite a many bands during the European rockabilly revival of the late 70's and early 80's.

The flip-side is 100% pure country.

List price:  Very Good+ is $20, Near Mint is $40

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Record #0518: In the Jailhouse Now / I’m Gonna Fall Out of Love With You – WEBB PIERCE

Decca 9-29391 (original) USA, 1955

I already posted a different pressing of this record here before. Also posted a promo pressing here.

Record #0517: Transfusion / Dig – NERVOUS NORVUS

Dot 15470 (original, first pressing) USA, May 1956
Words & Music bySide AJimmy Drake; Side B – Drake
Musicians: Jimmy Drake (vocals and guitar), others unknown (if any)
Recording sessions: Los Angeles, CA, 1956
Highest chart positions:  US #8

"Pass the crimson to me, Jimson" ... both Elvis and Jimmy "Nervous Norvus" Drake used to be truck drivers before their singing careers, but that's pretty much where their similarities end. As Elvis was starting his stardom with RCA, Norvus made his nervous debut, which became an unexpected US Top 10 hit in the summer of 1956.

Drake wrote both of these hilarious tracks. Unfortunately his fame was short-lived and he released only four more singles and then returned to truck driving. He doesn't qualify as a one-hit-wonder, though, as his follow-up single "Ape Call" ("Wild Dog of Kentucky" as the flip) reached US #24.

"Transfusion" went to #8 in the States despite the fact that some radio station banned it.

"Put a gallon in me, Alan." :)

List price:  Very Good+ is $25, Near Mint is $50. Second pressings have black labels, $30 for NM.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Record #0516: I'm Movin' On / With This Ring I Thee Wed – HANK SNOW

RCA Victor 48-0328 (original) USA, 1950
Words & Music bySide AHank Snow; Side B – Steve Nelson, Edward Nelson, Jr., Jack Rollins
Musicians: Hank Snow (vocals and guitar), Joseph Talbot III (steel guitar), Ernie Newton (bass), Tommy Waden (fiddle)
Recording sessions: Produced by Stephen Sholes at Brown Radio Productions, Nashville, TN, Mar. 28, 1950
Highest chart positions:  US Country #1

Based on the label numbering, "I'm Movin' On" (48-0328B) was originally intended as the flip side of this record, but the radio stations must have immediately realized which of the two tracks really had the hit potential in it.

"I'm Movin' On" spent 21 weeks on the top of US Country charts. It's a definite country classic which has later been covered by many artists, including The Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Steppenwolf and George Thorogood.

List price:  Very Good+ is $20, Near Mint is $40. Black vinyls are re-issues and $20 for a Near Mint.

Record #0515: The Love That I'm Giving To You / You're Only Young Once – FABIAN

Chancellor 1079 (original) USA, May 1961
Words & Music by:  Side A – Peter DeAngelis, James Wisner; Side B – Bob Marcucci, Bill Faith
Musicians: Fabian Forte (lead vocals), The Fabulous Four (backing vocals) and an orchestra conducted by Peter DeAngelis
Recording sessions: Produced by Bob Marcucci and Bill Faith in Philadelphia (?), PA, 1961
Highest chart positions:  didn't hit any national charts

Fabian's charting singles were a thing of the past when this single was released. His final entry in Billboard Hot 100 was "A Kissin' and a Twistin'" which hit US #91 about six months before this release.

Around 1963 he put his singing career on a pause for 10 years and concentrated on his acting career.

List price:  Very Good+ is $7.50, Near Mint is $15

Saturday, November 02, 2013


RCA Victor 47-2956 (original in this format) USA, Aug. 1949
Words & Music bySide ABennie Moten, Thamon Hayes; Side B – trad.
Musicians: Side A - an orchestra conducted by Bennie Moten; Side B - an orchestra conducted by Bunny Berigan
Recording sessions: USA, Side A - 1928; Side B - 1937
Highest chart positions:  unknown

RCA was the first label to release records in the 7 inch, 45 rpm vinyl format. They started to release these in the summer of 1949, so this is about as old as they can be. The label chose two old jazz standards for this release.

List price:  Not listed in Golmine's catalog. This seems to be quite rare, but not in high demand, thus not worth more than a couple of bucks.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Record #0513: Every Little Thing I Do / A Lover's Prayer – DION AND THE BELMONTS

Laurie 3035 (original) USA, Aug. 1959
Words & Music by:  Side A – Mike Anthony, Stanley Lebowsky; Side B – Ernest Maresca
Musicians: Dion DiMucci (lead vocals), Carlo Mastrangelo (bass/baritone), Angelo D'Aleo (first tenor), Fred Milano (second tenor), others unknown
Recording sessions: New York, NY, 1959
Highest chart positions:  Side A - US #48; Side B - US #73

This was the follow-up single for the group's biggest hit "A Teenager In Love" (US #5, UK #28). Now they stepped into mainstream pop and had a string section on the background.

List price:  Very Good+ is $12.50, Near Mint is $25