Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Record #0530: Rambling / Devil Train – THE RAMBLERS

Addit 1257 (original) USA, Jul. 1960
Music by:  Side A – Burton, Mike Borchetta, Vince Rissolo, Mike Anthony; Side B – Kip Martin, Borchetta
Musicians: Kip Martin (lead guitar), Mike Spremulli (sax), Larry Robertson (rhythm guitar), Chuck Tenney (bass), Vince Rissolo (drums)
Recording sessions: CT (?), 1960
Highest chart positions:  US #73

It was fairly hard to find information about this group and this record. Apparently they were all school kids, teenagers, when they released this. Three different listings show that this was the only record they made.

The group toured for a while with Chuck Berry, The Tokens and Dion & The Belmonts. They also performed in American Bandstand on Sep. 27, 1960.

Kip Martin later became a TV producer and a theater director.

List price:  Very Good+ is $15, Near Mint is $30


  1. Richard Roth was the Hammond player on the recording of Rambling. Producer Dorian Burton overdubbed piano on the flip, and played the wrong changes. Right. We never released another. Pity. Larry Richardson joined the group later on, Roth never toured with us. Barry Tashian (now in Nashville, along with our manager Mike Borchetta) was in the band for a while. On American Bandstand, Barry and I flipped to see who would play organ that day. I won the toss. Only fair. I played guitar on the session.
    I'm still in touch with Barry and Mike. Lost touch with the others. We were, yes, teenagers from Westport and Norwalk, CT.

    Thanks for keeping the flame burning. Rambling was on the Billboard Top 100 for more than a year, though never hitting the top 20. Jimmy Charles (A Million to One) recorded for our sister label, PROMO, and toured with us.

    Christopher (Kip) Martin
    xrismartin@aol.com, christophermartinshakespeare.com

    1. Thank you for sharing the additional info and history behind this record!

  2. came across "rambling" on the complete pop instrumentals compliation. just wanted to say to all the ramblers thanks for making music that puts a big smiled on my face.....thanks again.