Sunday, May 08, 2016

Record #0632: The Grim Ripper (EP) – THE NIGHTMARES

A1 “White Room”,  A2 “I'm Linked”, B1 “The Grim Ripper”, B2 “Jumpin' Jack Flash”
Crazy Love Records CLEP 001 (original) Germany, 1993
Words & Music by:  A1 - Jack Bruce, Pete Brown; A2 - Timo J. Saikko; B1 - Saikko; B2 - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Musicians: Psycho Tim (vocals, upright bass in A1, B1 & B2, rhythm guitar, lead guitar in B2), Fast Eddie (drums), Mad Matt (lead guitar in A1, A2 & B1)
Recording sessions: Produced by Pete Boy and the Nightmares at Akaan MR Studio, Viiala, Finland, on May 29, June 20. and Oct. 2. & 3, 1993
Highest chart positions:  none

This is the first record released by Finnish psychobilly pioneers, the Nightmares (formed in June 1983). Took them 10 years to make a record and in that time they seemed to look into other genres as well. Covers versions of Cream and Rolling Stones originals points to this direction.

The Nightmares' first published recording was "Renny the Radioactive Reindeer", which was released on Jungle Noise's (another German indie label) "Wreckin' Around the Christmas Tree" compilation in 1991.

Their YouTube channel says the band will be return in 2016.

List price:  In a Finnish Price List this is 5 EUR

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