Monday, June 17, 2013

Record #0372: Take It Away / I'll Give You a Ring – Paul McCartney

Columbia 18-03018 (original) USA, Jul. 3, 1982
Words & Music bySide A – Paul McCartney; Side B – McCartney
Musicians: Side A - Paul McCartney (vocals, bass, piano and acoustic guitar), Linda McCartney (backing vocals), Ringo Starr (drums), Steve Gadd (drums), George Martin (electric piano), Eric Stewart (backing vocals); Side B - Paul McCartney (almost everything), Tony Coe (clarinet), Linda McCartney (backing vocals)
Recording sessions: Produced by George Martin, Side A - at A.I.R. Studios (Martin's studio), Montserrat, Feb./Mar. 1981; Side B - at Paul McCartney's farm (Rude Studio) in Scotland, summer 1981
Highest chart positions:  US #10, US AC #6, US Rock #39, UK #15

This was McCartney's 30th solo single, with the A-side from his 13th solo album, "Tug of War".

List price:  Very Good+ is $1.50, Near Mint is $3

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