Friday, June 21, 2013

Record #0381: Erkki twistaa / Alright Alright – JUICE

Love Records 2130 (original) Finland, 1976
Words & Music bySide A – Juice Leskinen; Side B – Leskinen
Musicians: Juhani "Juice" Leskinen (lead vocals), the others are probably: Petteri Salminen (guitars), Juuso Nordlund (bass), Safka Pekkonen (keyboards), Kaj Martin (drums)
Recording sessions: Helsinki, Finland, spring 1976
Highest chart positions:  Finland #unknown

Juice Leskinen was one of the most prominent singer-songwriters in the Finnish rock/pop scene from the 70's till his death in 2006. This was the first single release of his group "Juice".

The label is supposed to be white. As a collector I just hate it when people mess with their records like this ...

List price:  Not listed :)

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