Monday, June 17, 2013

Record #0374: Dangerous / Love Is on the Way – NATALIE COLE

Modern 7-99648 (original) USA, Apr. 1985
Words & Music bySide A – Marti Sharron, Gary Skardina, Stephen Mitchell; Side B – Natalie Cole, Eddie Cole, K. Craighead, M. Craighead
Musicians: Natalie Cole (lead vocals), Side A - Michael Boyd (guitar), Paul Jackson, Jr. (rhythm guitar), Nathan East (bass), Paulinho Da Costa (percussion), Charlie Judge, Jamie Sheriff, Paul Fox & Rory Kaplan (synthesizers), Stephen Mitchell (drum machine), Gary Skardina (tambourine), Alex Brown, Portia Griffin, Van Ross Redding (backing vocals); Side B - Paul Jackson (guitar), Freddy Washington (bass), David Joyce (keyboards and backing vocals), Robert Shipley (drums), Katrina Perkins, Yasmin Peoples, Eddie Cole & Natalie Cole (backing vocals)
Recording sessions: Side A - Produced by Marti Sharron, Gary Skardina & Steve Thompson; Side B - Produced by Natalie Cole & Eddie Cole; USA, 1985
Highest chart positions:  US #57, US R&B #16, US Dance #6

With this single Natalie Cole got back to Top 100 in US Pop charts after a five-year break.

List price:  Very Good+ is $1.50, Near Mint is $3

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