Saturday, January 26, 2013

Record #0250: Pickin’ Berries (EP) – CHUCK BERRY

A1 “Carol”, A2 “Hey Pedro”, B1 “Beautiful Delilah”, B2 “Vacation Time”
Chess EP 5124 (original) USA, 1958
Words & Music by:  Chuck Berry
 Chuck Berry (vocals and guitar), Johnnie Johnson (piano), G. Smith (bass), Ebby Hardy (drums), possibly a second, unknown guitarist on B1 & B2
Recording sessions: A1 & A2 – Chess Studio, Chicago, IL, May 2, 1958; B1 & B2 – Chess Studio, Apr. 20, 1958
Highest chart positions:  I couldn’t find any info

Here’s a bit of something special as the 250th record of the blog. This is Berry’s fourth EP on Chess label.

Side A was released as a single (Chess 1700, US #18, US R&B #9) in Aug. 1958 and side B was another single (Chess 1697, US #81) released the month before.

List price:  This is a rare piece. I truly wish I had the picture sleeve, too.

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