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Record #0726: Lovers Never Say Goodbye / That Love Is You – THE FLAMINGOS

End E-1035 (original) USA, October 1958
Words & Music by:  Side A – Terry Johnson, Paul Wilson; Side B – Nate Nelson, Richard Barrett
Musicians: Terry “Buzzy” Johnson (tenor, lead vocals on side A, lead guitar), Paul Wilson (baritone, lead vocals on side A), Nate Nelson (tenor, lead vocals on side B), Tommy Hunt (tenor vocals), Zeke Carey (tenor vocals), Jake Carey (bass vocals), others unknown
Recording sessions: New York City, NY on 26. September 1958
Highest chart positions:  US #52, US R&B #25

The Flamingos migrated from Decca to End Records in September 1958. These two tracks were done in their first session with End.

The Group’s next single “I Only Have Eyes For You” was their biggest hit. I’ll post that next.

List price:  Very Good+ is $20, Near Mint is $40.


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