Saturday, November 17, 2012

Record #0181: K-K-K-Katy / A Submarine Attack – BILLY MURRAY / PREMIER QUARTET AND COMPANY

Edison 50490 (original) USA, Jul. 23, 1918
Words & Music by:  Side AGeoffrey O’Hara; Side B – Theodore F.  Morse
Musicians:  Side A – Billy Murray (lead tenor), John Young (tenor), Steve Porter (baritone), Donald Chalmers (bass vocals), Ada Jones (mezzo-soprano) and an orchestra; Side B – Donald Chalmers (bass vocals), Billy Murray (tenor), John Young (tenor), Steve Porter (baritone), Helen Clark (vocals), Edward Meeker (vocals)
Recording sessions: New York, NY, Side A – Mar. 7; Side B – Mar. 21, 1918
Highest chart positions:  There were no charts and radio broadcasting was just taking its first steps ...

I thought I’d post something a tad older this time.

Apparently Billy Murray was one of the most popular singers in the US about hundred years ago. “K-K-K-Katy” was a popular WWI-era song. So, probably this was a hit record at the time.

I was a bit amazed to find the title song in YouTube. :)

These records were really thick and the record number was engraved on the side (see the picture below).

List price:  Not listed in Goldmine guide, doh! These older Diamond Discs go typically for $10-$20 in ebay. This is a fairly rare piece, but not too many people are interested in these.

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