Saturday, November 03, 2012

Record #0160: Twistin’ Matilda / I Can’t Hold Out Any Longer – JIMMY SOUL

S.P.Q.R. 3300 (original) USA, Dec. 1961
Words and Music by:  Side ANorman Span; Side B – Frank Guida
Musicians:  Jimmy Soul (vocals) others unknown
Recording sessions:  Produced by Frank Guida in Norfolk, VA, 1961
Highest chart positions: US #22, US R&B #20

Soul, who became a preacher at the age of seven, had a short stint in the music business before he started a career in the US Army. He released 15 singles and an album in 1961-64. This was his third single and the second biggest chart success. Soul’s jackpot came in 1963 with “If You Wanna Be Happy” (US #1, US R&B #1, UK #39 in ’63 and UK #68 later in ’91).

List price:  Very Good + is $6, Near Mint $12

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