Friday, October 12, 2012

Record #0143: Got To Get You Into My Life/ Helter Skelter – THE BEATLES

Capitol 4274 (original) USA, May 31, 1976
Words & Music by:  John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Musicians:  Paul McCartney (lead vocals, bass, lead guitar on side B), John Lennon (rhythm guitar on side A, backing vocals, 6-string bass and sound effects on side B), George Harrison (lead guitar on side A, backing vocals, rhythm guitar and sound effects on side B), Ringo Starr (drums, tambourine on side A, shouting “I’ve got blisters on my fingers” on side B), George Martin (organ on side A), Eddie Thornton, Ian Hamer and Les Condon (trumpet on side A), Mal Evans (trumpet on side B), Alan Branscombe and Peter Coe (tenor sax)
Recording sessions:  Produced by George Martin at EMI Abbey Road Studios, London, UK, Side A – Apr. 7 & Jun. 17, 1966; Side B – Sep. 9, 1968
Highest chart positions: US #7, US Adult Contemporary #9, Canada #2, Australia #93

As weird as it may be, this is the original single release of these songs. This came out quite a few years after the original recordings. As far as I could find out, neither of these songs were ever released on singles in the UK. This was the Beatles’ last Top 10 hit in the states until the release of “Free as a Bird” (US #6, UK #2) in 1995.

Though credited to Lennon and McCartney, both “Got To Get You Into My Life” (from album “Revolver”) and “Helter Skelter” (from album “The Beatles” - also known as “The White Album”) were primarily written by the McCartney.

List price:  Very Good+ $3, Near Mint $6; picture sleeve VG+ $2.50, NM $5; later pressings of the record had black labels and purple labels – those are priced in the ballpark. An orange label with text “George Martin” on it is listed for $10 if NM.

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