Saturday, October 06, 2012

Record #0136: - Sings Spanish and Italian Favourites (EP) – CONNIE FRANCIS

A1 “Granada”, A2 “Besame Mucho”, B1 “Guaglione”, B2 “Torero

MGM EPY 602 (original) Finland, 1960 (assuming the release year was same as in Denmark)
Words & Music by:  A1 – Lara, Dodd; A2 – Velazquez, Skylar; B1 – Keith, Bergman, Risa, Fanciulli; B2 – Hoffman, Manning, Risa, Carazone
 Connie Francis (vocals), the Rita Williams Singers (chorus), Side A – an orchestra conducted by Geoff Love; Side B – an orchestra conducted by Tony Osborne
Recording sessions: Side A – orchestra in Abbey Road Studios, London, UK; vocals in Radio Recorders, Hollywood CA, Jul. 2, 1960; Side B –Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, Aug. 20, 1960
Highest chart positions:  Unknown

Just found this in a nearby shop yesterday.

While Francis was releasing mainly rock and pop songs on singles around this time, she also did quite a many adult contemporary albums and EPs, like this one.

List price:  Finnish releases are not listen in Goldmine Price Guide (surprise!)

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