Friday, November 14, 2014

Record #0604: Don't Stand So Close To Me / A Sermon – THE POLICE

A&M 2301-S (original) USA, Jan. 1981
Words & Music bySide A – Sting; Side B – Stewart Copeland
Musicians: Sting (lead & backing vocals, bass), Andy Summers (guitars, guitar synthesizer), Stewart Copeland (drums)
Recording sessions: Produced by The Police and Nigel Gray at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum, Netherlands, summer 1980. Not sure if side B production & recording session details are same as the A-side's.
Highest chart positions:  US #10, US Rock #11, UK #1

This was the group's first US Top 10 single. In the UK "Don't Stand So Close To Me" was already their third #1 song.

I've never been a big fan of The Police, but I have to say that I have to admire their talent. Many of their songs are very challenging to play and they nailed them like there's nothing to it. Hats off.

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