Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Record #0615: I'm Tired / It's My Way – WEBB PIERCE

Decca 9-30155 (original) USA, Dec. 1956
Words & Music bySide A – Ray Price, Buck Peddy, Mel Tillis; Side B – Webb Pierce, Wayne Walker
Musicians: Webb Pierce (vocals), Hank Garland (guitar), Harold Bradley (guitar), Sonny Burnette (steel guitar), Lightnin Chance (bass), Dale Potter (fiddle), Tommy Jackson (fiddle), Jack Kay (fiddle), Buddy Harman (drums)
Recording sessions: Music City Recordings, Nashville, TN, Nov. 6, 1956
Highest chart positions:  Both sides US Country #3

Buck Peddy also co-wrote Pierce's previous single "Honky Tonk Song", which was his last #1 hit. Young rockabilly and rock'n'roll stars were invading the charts and 35-year-old Pierce was not very hip anymore. Also, he resigned from the Grand Ole Opry in February 1957. That may also have taken the sharpest edge off of his success in the country music scene.
Anyway, Pierce didn't "disappear" overnight - his fade-out was pretty slow and he still scored Top 20 hits till the end of the 60's.

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