Monday, August 06, 2012

Record #0076: King Creole, Vol. 2 (EP) – ELVIS PRESLEY

A1 “Trouble”, A2 “Young Dreams”, B1 “Crawfish”, B2 “Dixieland Rock
RCA EPA-4321 (original) USA, 1958
Words & Music by:  A1 – J. Leiber, M. Stoller; A2 – M. Kalmanoff, A.Schroeder; B1 – F. Wise, B. Weisman; B2 – A. Schroeder, R. Franck
Elvis Presley (vocals), Scotty Moore (guitar), Bill Black (upright bass), D. J. Fontana (drums), Neal Matthews (bass guitar), Dudley Brooks (piano), Mahlon Clark (clarinet), Teddy Buckner (trumpet), Justin Gordon (tenor sax), Ray Siegel (tuba), Elmer Schneider (trombone), Hoyt Hawkins (bongos), Gordon Stoker (bongos), the Jordanaires (b-vocals)
Recording sessions: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, Jan. 15, 16 & 23, 1958
Highest chart positions:  US EP #1

All songs of the soundtrack for the movie “King Creole” were recorded in these three sessions. I couldn’t find the exact dates for these four songs.

None of these tracks were released as singles.

List price:  Black label, dog on top center, Very Good+ is $20, Near Mint is $40; Black label, dog on left VG+ $15, NM $30; Orange label VG+ $40, NM $80; Picture sleeve VG+ $20, NM $40

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