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Record #0677: Blue Suede Shoes / Tutti Frutti – ELVIS PRESLEY

RCA 47-6636 (original, German release) Germany, 26. September 1956
Words & Music by:  Side ACarl Perkins; Side BDorothy LaBostrie, Richard Penniman
Musicians: Elvis Presley (vocals and rhythm guitar), Scotty Moore (guitar), Bill Black (bass), D.J. Fontana (drums), Shorty Long (piano on side B)
Recording sessions: RCA Studio 1, New York, NY, Side A – on 30. January 1956; Side B – on 31. January 1956
Highest chart positions:  US #20, UK #9, Australia #19. No information on the German charts.

After releasing three consecutive #1 singles, this one was a minor set-back for Elvis. Carl Perkins’ original “Blue Suede Shoes” was already #1 in US Country and #2 in US Billboard earlier that year. Maybe that took some of the success from Elvis’ cover. Reportedly Elvis didn’t want to compete with Perkins, so he had his single delayed for few months.

In the picture, the 2nd German pressing is on the left. The one on the right is a later pressing, but still the same release. Re-issues have a large “RCA VICTOR” text above the RCA logo.

List price:  German release not listed in the catalog. These go for 20-30 euros in eBay.


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