Saturday, September 07, 2013

Record #0489: Loop De Loop Mambo / Framed – THE ROBINS

Spark 107 (original) USA, Sep. 1954
Words & Music bySide AJerry Leiber, Mike Stoller; Side B – Leiber, Stoller
Musicians: Carl Gardner (tenor, lead on side A), Bobby Nunn (bass vocals, lead on side B), Billy Richard (tenor), Roy Richard (baritone), Ty Terrell (tenor), others probably: Chuck Norris (guitar), Mike Stoller (piano), Gil Bernal (tenor sax), Ralph Hamilton (bass), Jesse Sailes (drums)
Recording sessions: Master Recorders, Los Angeles, CA, late summer 1954
Highest chart positions:  Didn't chart nationally, but was a local hit in the L.A. area.

This is a nice classic by one of the early "bird groups" of doo-wop / R&B. The Robins was also the first one to record a Leiber & Stoller song ("That's What the Good Book Says", 1951).

Gardner and Nunn left the group to form The Coasters in October 1955. Leiber and Stoller stayed with them and wrote many of The Coasters' songs.

List price:  78 rpm records not listed in Glodmine catalog. These go for about $30 in eBay.

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