Saturday, September 01, 2012

Record #0102: Surf City / She’s My Summer Girl – JAN & DEAN

Liberty 55580 (original) USA, May 17, 1963
Words & Music by:  Side A – Jan Berry, Brian Wilson; Side B – Jan Berry, Don Altfeld, Brian Wilson
Musicians: Side A - Jan Berry (vocals), Dean Torrence (vocals), Glen Campbell (guitar), Billy Strange (guitar), Ray Pohlman (lead guitar), Carol Kaye (guitar), Earl Palmer (drums), Hal Blaine (drums), Bill Pitman (bass); Side B – probably mostly same as above plus an unknown pianist.
Recording sessions:  Produced by Jan Berry at United Western Recorders, Hollywood, CA, Mar. 20, 1963
Highest chart positions:  US #1, US R&B #3 (!), UK #26

This has rock solid musicians of the Wrecking Crew and side A is a great example of Jan Berry’s skills as a producer – the sounds are spot on. Berry and Torrence sang harmonies with experience (about 5 years, mostly doo-wop), Torrence hitting the high notes. Combine all that with a great song drafted by their friend Brian Wilson and finalized by Berry, it is not a surprise that they had hit at their hands.

The idea of using two drummers came from Billy Strange. What a surprise – Earl Palmer is one of them. :)

Aw, and I hate it when someone has written on a label or put a sticker on it. Why? Why?!

List price:  “Very Good+” is $7.50 and “Near Mint” is $15

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