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Record #0688: Rebel Rouser / Detour – DUANE EDDY


Jamie Golden Hits J-901 (re-issue) USA, year unknown (probably early 1980's)

Music by:  Side A – Duane Eddy, Lee Hazlewood; Side B – Paul Westmoreland (“Detour”) / Eddy, Hazlewood (“Yep!”)
Musicians: Duane Eddy (lead guitar), Side A: Corky Casey (guitar), Donnie Owens (guitar), Buddy Wheeler (bass guitar), Alvin Simmons (upright bass), Al Casey (piano), Bob Taylor (drums), Gil Bernal (tenor sax), The Sharps (rebel yells and handclaps); Side B: Ike Clanton (bass), Mike Bermani (drums), Moe Wechsler (piano), Plas Johnson (sax), The Sharps (rebel yells and backing vocals)
Recording sessions: Produced by Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill at Ramsey Recorders, Side A: Phoenix, AZ, Mar. 1958. Side B: Regent Recording Studio, New York City, NY, 8. December 1958.
Highest chart positions:  This reissue probably didn’t hit the charts. The original release: US #6, US R&B #8, US Country #17, UK #19; “Yep!”: US #30, Canada #12, UK #17

This re-issue is an interesting one as the label titles “Detour” on the flip side, but the actual song on the record is “Yep!”. I listed the musicians and session details based on the actual songs.

I have already posted the original “Rebel Rouser” release here.

List price:  This re-issue is not in the catalog. Someone is currently selling this in eBay for $18,59.

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