Saturday, February 23, 2019

Record #0633: Run To You / I’m Ready – BRYAN ADAMS

A&M AM2686 (original) USA, Oct. 16, 1984
Words & Music by:  Side A – Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance; Side B – Adams, Vallance
Musicians: Bryan Adams (lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar), Keith Scott (rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals), Jim Vallance (percussion on side A), Tommy Mandel (keyboards), Dave Taylor (bass), Mickey Curry (drums)
Recording sessions: Produced by BobClearmountain and Bryan Adams at Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver, Canada; side A in April 1984, side B in August – October 1982.
Highest chart positions:  US #6, US Rock #1 (for 4 weeks), UK #11, Canada #4, side B US Rock #26

Here’s Adams’ first of the four #1 hit singles (thus far) and an 80’s classic. “Run To You” builds a lot on Scott’s clever lead guitar and the catchy chorus. The song was originally written for Blue Öyster Cult, but they turned it down.

“Run To You” has been covered by other artists, but the only cover version to hit the charts internationally was recorded by Rage (English group) in 1992 (UK #3, Ireland #4, Germany #14, US #118).

List price:  Bryan Adams’ records are not listed in Goldmine catalogs.

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