Sunday, October 19, 2014

Record #0583: School's Out / Eighteen – ALICE COOPER

Warner Bros. 8607 (original) USA, Jun. 1978
Words & Music bySide A – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith; Side B – Cooper, Bruce, Buxton, Dunaway, Smith
Musicians: Alice Cooper (lead vocals), Side A - Steve Hunter (guitar), Dick Wagner (guitar, vocals), Prakash John (bass), Fred Mandel (keyboards), Whitey Glan (drums); Side B - Glen Buxton (lead guitar), Michael Bruce (rhythm guitar, vocals), Dennis Dunaway (bass, vocals), Bob Ezrin (keyboards), Reggie Vincent (guitar and vocals on side A), Neal Smith (drums)
Recording sessions: Produced by Bob Ezrin, Side A - live at The Aladdin Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, Aug. 19 or 20, 1977; Side B - at RCA Mid-American Recording Center, Chicaco, IL, 1970
Highest chart positions:  This release didn't hit Top 100 in national charts

The original single version of "School's Out" was released by Alice Cooper in May 1972 (with "Gutter Cat" as the flip). Here the A-side is from  Here the A-side is from Cooper's 1977 live album "The Alice Cooper Show". (I couldn't find that in Youtube, so I put the 1972 album version for a sample.)

The flip was originally released as a single by Cooper in 1970. The flipside of that single was "Body". That single was Cooper's first US Top 40 hit.

List price:  Very Good+ is $4, Near Mint is $8

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