Saturday, March 29, 2014

Record #0552: Sh-Boom / Crazy About You Baby – THE CREW-CUTS

Metronome B 656 (original) Finland, 1954 or 1955
Words & Music bySide A – Jimmy Keyes, Claude Feaster, Carl Feaster, Floyd McRae, James Edwards; Side B – Rudi Maugeri, Pat Barrett
Musicians: Rudi Maugeri (baritone), John Perkins (tenor), Ray Perkins (bass vocals), Pat Barrett (tenor), and an orchestra conducted by David Carroll
Recording sessions: Side A - New York (?), NY, May 1954; Side B - 1954
Highest chart positions:  The success in the Finnish charts is unknown. The original US & UK releases charted as follows: Side A -US #1, UK #12; Side B - US #8

When originally released in the States, these were the A-sides of two of the Crew-Cuts' early singles.

The very first recording of "Sh-Boom" was made by "The Chords" (who also wrote the song) in March 1954. Their release went to US #5 and US R&B #2.

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:  Not listed (Finnish pressing)

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